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Own a Business?

We specialize in insuring businesses small and large. Insuring your new business can be scary, but let us take the fear out of it by being with you every step of the way.

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Auto, Home and Life

Call us for information and quotes on personal auto, home and life insurance. Let us do the work for you!

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Stay Educated

Follow our blog! Useful tips and tricks to help keep your life secure and put your mind at ease.

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Welcome to Arena Insurance Agency. Let us help you get the right coverage at the best prices. We want to help educate you on the coverage that would best suit you and help you understand just what exactly it is that you are paying for.

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Know Your Insurance
Let us help you choose the right coverage to protect the things in your life

About Us

We pride ourselves on insuring the things in your life that are important but also educating our customers about the insurance they are purchasing. Knowing that you are covered for life’s mishaps makes the moments all that more enjoyable. Yvette has been a licensed agent since 2001. That year she began her career with State […]

The Beginning

Learn about the policy that protects your important investments in life. Understand some of the terminology use in your policies and learn some new fascinating coverage that are offered. If there’s something you don’t understand put it in the comments and I will do my best to address it as quickly as possible. Again, our […]

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Call us at 248-524-9933 or email sales@arenainsuranceagency.com


Bring on the Business! We specialize in insuring businesses small and large. We work one on one with owners to ensure they are getting the coverage they want and have an understanding of the available coverage they can also use to protect them. Auto/Home/Life Everyone has specific needs when it comes to insuring the most […]